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  • Brett Spurr

Supply Chains

I know a lot of people are concerned the stores won't restock. They will. Headlines are going to be dramatic right now and people have nothing else to do but see the panic of the last few days. It will pass.

As someone who has studied supply chains, logistics, economic systems, business, I have a somewhat unique experience to share. This won't stop our infrastructure. I have toured too many factories and distribution centers to count and seen it firsthand.

By its very nature, infrastructure is a distributed system- it is "socially distanced" by necessity. The truck driver is basically isolated, for example. Trains are outside. Even meat packers wear masks already. Warehouses are largely automated, but human labor is spaced.

Now, four Chinese workers in a 10ft space making iPhones is a different story, but our food supply and other general supplies are not in danger. Don't be surprised if we *might* hear of isolated events somewhere in the chain - a food processor who comes down with it for example. These would be big headlines but not a broad risk to the system- most of our infrastructure is distributed, redundant and over supplied. This is NOT a radiation event where everyone needs to stay in their basement. Fear not!

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