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Investment Management

Spurr Financial designs and implements an investment portfolio suited to your personalized situation, taking into consideration taxes, costs, goals and risk management.

  • We pursue an investment philosophy that uses asset allocation and security selection principles to seek capital growth and current income.

  • We seek diversified portfolios and prefer a combination of passive, low-cost indexing and select active management when and where appropriate.

  • We utilize the following asset classes in your portfolio:

    • Equities

    • Fixed Income

    • Real Estate

  • Alternative Investment Strategies

  • We regularly review your personal situation, changing market environments and progress towards your goals to make adjustments where appropriate.

  • We deploy an in depth, comprehensive and ongoing analysis process on all client investments based on fundamental, cyclical and secular analysis.

Managed Portfolios


In addition to our fully customized portfolios, we offer managed portfolios for smaller accounts. These fully diversified portfolios that range from conservative to aggressive. “Managed Portfolios” are rebalanced and adjusted as markets, personal events, valuations and our analysis dictate. This solution differs from our fully customized portfolios by being accessible to accounts starting with $50,000 and by holding few, if any, individual stocks.

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