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Strategic Consulting

Business Consulting

SFP is not limited to just personal financial planning. Brett has extensive experience with major business decisions at organizations of all sizes. As a business process consultant, Brett analyzed and tackled business problems for a wide variety of companies, from telecommunications providers to industrial manufactures. As security analyst, he scrutinized diverse industries such as aerospace and media while conferring with CEOs about their strategies. Exposure to such a broad range of business types, conditions, and strategies lends itself to creative business problem solving. Chances are we’ve seen something similar before or know how to approach the issue, all the while customizing solutions to your particular situation.

Medical Practice Consulting

One particular area of focus has been consulting for medical practices. Many challenges faced by doctors and/or practice managers are similar to other businesses challenges, while some are unique to medicine. Process efficiency, employee accountability, management, financial controls, and compensation arrangements are all typical issues faced in the medical community. Particularly vexing are partnership decisions: What is the practice worth? How can we structure buy-ins or buy-outs? How should we make business management decisions as the number of partners grow? We have a methodology for isolating issues, gathering data, organizing and analyzing that data to help clients to make informed decisions. Explaining and presenting data in a way so that doctors can better understand and manage the financial side of their business is our forte.

Retirement Plans for Small Businesses


Confusing terms, complex options and a wide variety of rules and regulations make choosing a retirement plan for a small business daunting. From SEPs and SIMPLEs to 401(k) plans, we’re here to help. SFP walks clients through analyzing their retirement plan goals to determine which type of plan best meets your needs. For example, there is often a trade-off between being able to save more for the high-earning company owners vs. contributions to employees. Will the extra costs and complexity negate the tax savings? We explore the options and weigh the pros and cons of different plan designs. Our aim is to design a plan that best meets your goals without unnecessary overhead and costs. For some plans, annual compliance and reporting is required, for which we also have solutions.

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