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Wholesalers, External Consultants, Vendors, etc...

Dear potential vendors, thank you for visiting this page!

First, we do not need any cleaning services, toner, website services, apps, or local marketing opportunities. (But we do need a landscaper).

Second, if you are a wholesaler, external consultant, fund representative, or deal in structured notes, insurance products, alternative investments or non-traded REITs, please save your time. We get a dozen solicitations a day and have stopped answering unknown phone numbers. Guessing our email address will get your domain blocked. Somewhere along the line it became popular to request replies to every email and voicemail left with prospects. While we appreciate your sales tactics, why should a prospect who receives an unsolicited sales call be obligated to extend the courtesy of a personal reply to every salesperson who knocks? Do not expect a reply and please don't keep trying. Please take us off your list. Further, the answer is 'no'- we don't want to be on your email list or receive your newsletters.

As much as we don't want our time wasted, we're also trying to save you from wasting yours. Thank you for understanding. 

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